Our Story

Co-Founders, Doug and Jordan, knew each other for years, admired each other’s careers, and shared a passion for entrepreneurship. After completing contractual obligations from the sale of Doug’s first company in 2014, the two found new success collaborating on a range of deal-by-deal investments. With a clear understanding of their complementary expertise and a common vision to create an organization of A-players, delivering reliable, risk-adjusted returns, they formed Trailbreak Partners.

Our Culture

Our culture is not catered lunches and office donuts (but we do that too). Our culture is the great projects we execute, the raving fans that support us, the relationships we build, and the loyal investors and partners we work with. At Trailbreak Partners, we get deals done, and at the end of the day, we hit the slopes, take hut trips, and ride our bikes through the beautiful Colorado mountains.

We are building a company where everyone asks the question…

“Why the hell would you ever want to leave here?”